Live Animals Live Animals

Air transport is the most humane way of transporting live is important to ensure that all parties involved are maintaining a high level of services from the veterinary inspectors, animal keepers, handlers and attendants, container manufacturers, air carriers, pilots etc. This is best achieved through professional experience team.

We are only using specialized airlines with proven record in Live Animal transportation. We provide you with suitable cages if needed and pre-plan the best & shortest routing in order to eliminate un necessary stress from the animals during the journey.

The key factors that affect the safe transport of live animals include the:

  • Aircraft Environmental Control System settings, making sure the right temperature is maintained.
  • animal physiology.
  • airport and en-route environments.
  • Ground handling.
  • Optimal loading units specially made to fit the animal transported on board

Mac Charter International team will protect your valuable cargo throughout the complete process prior during and upon safe arrival.