Live Concerts Live Concerts

Live concerts are pre-planned, sometimes years before they go on the road. They can be a logistics nightmare with a variety of parties involved, each with its own requirements and schedule.

Mac Charter International perfectly coordinates all the logistics, taking into account the needs of the concert producers and artists to ensure everyone and everything arrives on time, every time.

Our team of experts, together with your production team, creates an on-time logistic that takes into account:
  • Individual venues
  • Multiple countries
  • Different time zones
  • Customs rules
  • Transportation regulations

We provide 100% flexibility and dedicated personnel who follow up each transaction, making sure everything is dispatched and delivered within the time frame required.

Your dedicated team is at your disposal 24/7 to handle:
  • Customs rules and regulations
  • Goods classification
  • Forwarding services
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to concert sites
  • Storing empty packaging and re-packing
  • Export customs
  • Shipping to your next location

Mac Charter International perfectly plans and controls your live concert logistics, ensuring every show goes off without a hitch.