Oil & Gas Oil & Gas

When every second counts, there is no time for delays.

When every minute costs thousands of dollars, there is no room for mistakes.

When your oversized cargo needs to be delivered to a remote location, there are no second chances to get it right.

That´s when you need Mac Charter International.

Mac Charter International:
  • Understands the business environment in which the Gas & Oil industries operate
  • Ensures your spare parts and equipment will be airborne on the first flight out or on our own charter flight
  • Delivers to remote areas and oil rigs at sea
  • Knows how to conduct the difficult and time consuming transportation of heavy and oversized cargo to locations with poor roads and surface infrastructure
  • Has the experience and expertise to fulfill your logistic requirements 

Mac Charter International offers the following services to support your operations:

  • Providing a quick response to your RFQ, including a solid solution to your logistics needs (in many cases, we also provide a backup solution)
  • Finding the closest airport or port, depending on your instructions and lead time
  • Analyzing time versus price, determining the most efficient and cost effective airline and aircraft for the mission
  • Monitoring of the entire process from door to site

Our logistics specialists understand the extent of the investment and expense inherent in your projects, and take every possible step to protect them.