When an aircraft is grounded due to a technical failure, you need a precise and fast solution.

While many replacement parts can be transported on your airline's own fleet, oversized parts such as engines need an outside solution. That's when Mac Charter International comes to your rescue.

A grounded aircraft:

  • Costs you money 
  • Interrupts your schedule
  • Damages your reputation

Mac Charter International:

  • Analyzes the weight, size, origin, destination and lead time required
  • Finds the right aircraft type for the job
  • Picks up the engine or other oversized part from your facility
  • Transports the part to its destination
  • Clears customs at destination·
  • Arranges ground delivery at destination
  • Provides you with Proof of Delivery

Our mission is to deliver your parts as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to the business of serving your customers.