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Anything. Anytime. Anywhere... that´s our promise!

Chartering the best aircraft for your shipping needs requires careful planning, extensive knowledge of international relations, precise action, and reliable and sustainable solutions.

Mac Charter International is the best choice available. We offer:

  • More than 3 decades of experience in the forwarding and aviation business
  • Specific knowledge in the chartering field
  • First hand to cargo airlines
  • Hands-on operations and real time monitoring. In many flights we are personally present, supervising the whole process. 

Pre-Plan Your Shipment for Best Results

The pre-planning stage is of utmost importance to providing the best service and solutions for our clients.

When pre-planning is done right, we can:
  • Determine the best type of aircraft for your job at the best price. Share with us your cargo details, dimensions, weight and commodity as soon as possible.
  • Save you thousands of dollars by making recommendations on how to adjust the dimensions of your packages and, as a result, providing a smaller and most cost effective aircraft for the job.
  • Ensure the entire process runs smoothly with all the proper documentation in place. Send us all relevant documentation ahead of time.
  • Keep your best interests at the forefront and analyze every possible way to deliver your goods safely at a reasonable price.

We are ready to take on your next shipping challenge. Share with us your next RFQ and we will show you a different and better way to schedule charters.